Sunny Sixteen

As content needs explode exponentially, social media deliverables are no longer add-ons. Our modern world consists of a myriad of engagement points where ALL deliverables represent a meaningful touchpoint with audiences. Whether a :60, a :06, a cinemograph, or a still with the perfect caption, compelling content is what matters more than its shape or platform.

Enter Sunny Sixteen – Niles, Caleb, Joshua, and Taylor. The nature of Rakish’s partnership with Sunny Sixteen (more traditional branded content production company + new era social content collective, under the same roof) is more or less a first. Sunny Sixteen specializes in making an impact. They have a knack for humanizing products and brands with a bespoke approach that’s all about who the audience is and what resonates with them. Walmart, Sony, Moment, among others are the likes of brands they’ve made this impact with.

Sunny Sixteen is a dedicated Rakish collaborator, creating an ‘in-house’ solution for integrated campaigns and social-first projects. Think of them as a director like any other, that optimize to your project:

As a directing collective leading social-first projects.
As collaborators with other Rakish directors on integrated campaigns to optimize for social and/or direct social deliverables.
As a social 2nd Unit filming alongside traditional TVCs.
As still photographers, optimized for Instagram / social platforms.
As social strategy consultants.

We humbly acknowledge this isn’t so much a bio as it is an answer to “what the hell is Sunny Sixteen?” For sake of brevity, we strongly reco you check out Sunny Sixteen’s WEBSITE or YOUTUBE CHANNEL for the more tried and true bio goods.


In a world where social media is becoming a key component of advertising, Sunny Sixteen is the answer. A director collective, Sunny Sixteen is composed of tried and true directors, cinematographers, and photographers who know how to hack the algorithm and bring a modern twist and technical expertise to the art of branded filmmaking.

Sunny Sixteen