Shits been said before but [.highlight-paragraph] this guy says it real good. [.highlight-paragraph]   Holler if you have the mac n cheese recipe from Mandy btw, plus the barf monstering.

[.highlight-credit] Video Essay [.highlight-credit]   Mandy: The Art of Film Grain

[.highlight-credit] Album [.highlight-credit]   Wandermüde - Stephen Mathieu

Space Gloves on the Heirloom Credenza in Grandma's Vestibule: [.highlight-paragraph] The Soundtrack. [.highlight-paragraph]

[.highlight-paragraph] Coachella 2025: [.highlight-paragraph]   Tina Fabrique on a fuckin loop for 3 days and two wkends. Lavar lecturing on literacy and banned books between bathrrom breaks.

[.highlight-credit] Music Video [.highlight-credit]   Tina Fabrique - Reading Rainbow (extended)

[.highlight-credit] Music [.highlight-credit]   Sunn O))) - Between Sleipnir's Breaths

[.highlight-paragraph] Albeenz, sleep sweetly you filthymouthed prince. [.highlight-paragraph]   The world is quieter without you but the dooom lingers beautifully. LedderRIP.

[.highlight-paragraph] Why do i wanna wrap frncis in an afghan and hum lullabies to him? [.highlight-paragraph] *backslash*  the guy from Baby Geniuses laugh sounds divorced and lonely.

[.highlight-credit] Video Panel [.highlight-credit]   MEGALOPOLIS - Press Conference - Cannes 2024

[.highlight-credit] Music Video [.highlight-credit]   The Hickey Underground - Blonde Fire

[.highlight-paragraph] Nightmare Fuel? [.highlight-paragraph]   Ladies, this is an average Bumble date in 2024 A.D...

Like every chivalrous gentle man, I’ve tasted each [.highlight-paragraph] Axe bodyspray can [.highlight-paragraph] that’s ever hit the shelves at the Culver City Target.

[.highlight-credit] Video [.highlight-credit]  Axe - The Robbery - dir. Lionel Goldstein

[.highlight-credit] Video [.highlight-credit] DSQUARED2 SS24 - dir. Nadia Lee Cohen

Idk anything about [.highlight-paragraph] fashion-wears [.highlight-paragraph] but I do have an eye for perfectly hydrated skin, and I have to say this is NOT IT, sweaty.

[.highlight-paragraph] Lady [.highlight-paragraph]

[.highlight-credit] Artist [.highlight-credit]  X New Worlds

[.highlight-credit] Video [.highlight-credit] Powerade - It Takes More

Pouring over endless volumes of archived data & buttchugging [.highlight-paragraph] blue powerade [.highlight-paragraph]  for a fortnight and am still waiting to see the guaranteed effects listed on on the forums at thepoweraids [dot] com.

Finished listening to a [.highlight-paragraph] whole album about online relationships [.highlight-paragraph] and realizing there are others "hanging out" on the world wide web? Disgusting.=get a life.

[.highlight-credit] Album [.highlight-credit] The 1975 - A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

[.highlight-credit] Artist [.highlight-credit] Serifa

[.highlight-paragraph] Cool photos bro... [.highlight-paragraph] (kimberly if u see this unblock my number. .please.)

This [.highlight-paragraph] music video [.highlight-paragraph] is like if schizophrenia decided to be a fashionable arrangement of colour instead of ruining my life.

[.highlight-credit] Video [.highlight-credit] Tiga - Bugatti

[.highlight-credit] Podcast [.highlight-credit] Shot Talk w/ Lawrence Sher: Gareth Edwards, Greig Fraser, Oren Soffer, discuss The Creator

Have some time to listen to [.highlight-paragraph] a podcast [.highlight-paragraph] mr. big fries? Ego death, total consciousness, etc. is a click away.

Listen to [.highlight-paragraph] this playlist [.highlight-paragraph] . Or don’t... however, if you don’t, we have ways of finding out who you are, and why you are the way you are (a cornered, sweaty garbage pile).

[.highlight-credit] Playlist [.highlight-credit] Rakish 2.0

[.highlight-credit] Reading [.highlight-credit] The Medium is the Message by Marshall McCluhan

Ever wonder why nothing makes sense and everything is shitty?
[.highlight-paragraph]Oh me neither [.highlight-paragraph]