Christophe Dolcerocca

Christophe Dolcerocca is a Danish/French director. His work generally moves within lifestyle formats, although he does have a strong eye for fashion/beauty and wacky humour.

There is a classic sense to his storytelling, yet his passion for youth- and pop culture always pushes for edge and attitude. Born with a Mediterranean larger-than-life mentality, growing up in Scandinavia shaped him with a sense of simplicity.

Alongside directing, Christophe is a seasoned commercial editor. “Some say editing is my secret weapon, but don’t tell anyone!”, he says. With his meticulous eye for editing, he simply knows how to make a film pop off the screen!

Christophe is a graduate of The Motion Picture Institute of Michigan and has a degree in Film and Media from The University of Copenhagen.

Son of a chef, he literally grew up in a restaurant and loves to praise and complain about food. He is a devoted Astanga and Bikram yogi, and his body is his favourite material possession. He likes raw emotion, human experience, and things you are not supposed to laugh about. He loves plants, dogs, design and movies, and above all, wild nature, soothing campfires, and sleeping under no roof.


Christophe Dolcerocca’s work reflects both his Mediterranean and Scandinavian roots: larger than life vibrancy grounded by genuine human stories. Christophe has a strong eye for style, fashion, and youthful pop culture with an ear for wacky, edgy humor. He also secretly prides himself on his editing abilities, though that depends who’s asking.

Christophe Dolcerocca
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