Truesdell Brothers

Tim & Will Truesdell worship at the altar of story, first and foremost -- which, for some reason, 'story' is not often a word uttered when one is looking at a Rorschach that boasts overt VFX. The brothers boast an Empirical Artistry + a technical savvy that makes them unusual in the best way possible. They are directors and writers who can incept an idea -- then visualize it in virtually no time. Via their self-sufficient methods in Unreal Engine, Houdini, Nuke, Gen-AI, and Blender, the brothers Truesdell are in the unique position to expedite the time between an idea and actually feeling what it could and can feel like.

Truesdell Brothers

The dark arts of Tim & Will Truesdell seem to have been summoned by fever-dream, in-the-middle-of-incepting-Terminator-era James Cameron to simply learn about their capabilities. To talk to them is to feel the ghost of Alfred Hitchcock's disquieting brilliance and politeness (this is a good thing).

Truesdell Brothers